REAP Programme

The Realize, Embrace, and Achieve your Purpose (R.E.A.P.) initiative was conceptualized and first implemented by Young Women/Men of Purpose (YWOP/YMOP) in March 2016. The initiative was created to contribute to the holistic development of youth-at-risk in the parish of Manchester and specifically targeted young women who experienced abuse or teenage pregnancy. Based on the positive impact of the first initiative, R.E.A.P. evolved into three projects: R.E.A.P. Basic (R.E.A.P. I), R.E.A.P. Capacity Building (R.E.A.P. II) and R.E.A.P. Entrepreneurship (R.E.A.P. III). In addition to the positive and life changing impact the R.E.A.P. initiatives have had on the beneficiaries; the projects have all garnered local and international attention and have now become a staple programme within the organization. To learn more about each of our R.E.A.P. initiatives, check our Projects page.