Mentoring Programme

The Young Women/Men of Purpose Mentoring Programme has been one of the flagship programmes of the organization when it was established in 2009. The programme provides the​ avenue for young people to identify their career goals through career testing and by participating​ in engaging sessions, led by experts in different career fields. Mentees are enrolled in the​ programme for one year and have the option to continue after their progress has been evaluated.​ Their progress is evaluated, using their Career Development Plan, which each mentee completes​upon enrollment in the programme. Each mentee is assigned a mentor, a profession/expert who​ can provide guidance and help them to discover the career field they are interested in based on​ their skills, interest and passions. The mentoring programme also seeks to broaden the scope of​ the mentees, by affording them the opportunity to participate in education and fun field trips​ and excursions. Sessions are held the last Saturdays of each month at the Manchester Youth Innovation Centre, located at Wint Road, Mandeville from 10:00am – 1:00pm. If you are interested in joining our mentoring programme, please complete our application form.